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Adam Wierzbicki

received his Ph.D. degree from the Warsaw University of Technology and a habilitation title from the Institute of Systems Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is currently employed at the Polish-Japanese Academy for Information Technology, where he has the position of Full Professor and of Vice-President.

Adam Wierzbicki is an expert in Social Informatics and Peer-to-Peer computing. His current research interests focus on Social Informatics, in particular on Web content credibility, trust management, collective intelligence and fairness in distributed systems. He has published several papers on trust management and on applications of the theory of equity to providing fairness in open distributed systems, and is the author of a Springer book titled “Trust and Fairness in Open, Distributed Systems”. He is also interested in open collaboration, particularly using Wiki technology. In 2013-2016, he has led the Reconcile project that researched methods of Web content credibility evaluation. His current research focuses on ICT for Elders (as a part of the Dream project) and Next-Generation Crowdsourcing.

Dr Wierzbicki is the Steering Committee Chair of the International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo), and a Senior Member of ACM. He holds several certificates of appreciation of the IEEE, Elsevier and other scholarly societies for chairing conferences and Steering Committee membership (IEEE P2P’2006) or editing special editions (Elsevier Computer Communications). He has received several awards, including IBM Faculty Award. He collaborated with several international Ph.D programmes as a Visiting Professor (EPFL Lausanne MICS, University of Trento, Kyoto University, OTM Ph.D Academy).

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